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The W.C.C. Unsinkables is a registered U.S.A. swim team, with swimmers competing in many U.S.A. swim meets during the season. WCCU swimmers are making a splash in the world of competitive swimming in Maine. Our 2011-2012 swim team consisted of 62 registered members. Twenty five swimmers attended the winter state meet and WCCU had three swimmers swim for Maine at the Eastern Zone Meet. Maine Swim Coach of the Year 2003 and Zone Coach for 2010- 2012 Lori LaPointe is the head coach.  Lori’s twenty  five years of professional teaching and coaching expertise in swimming, as well as coaching age group soccer and basketball both  recreationally and on a travel team capacity, provide a wealth of knowledge in instructional methodology.  Opportunities to teach beginners as well as trained athletes has generated a constant challenge to improve teaching and coaching process.  Her pursuit of excellence for each of her swimmers through positive encouragement, setting obtainable goals and building a life long love for the sport of swimming, is her life time objective.  Assistant coaches Lily Pugh, Tim George, Paul Lazarus (volunteer) & Mark Harper (volunteer) round out this year’s staff to help bring the team to the next level of competition!

                            WCCU PRACTICE SCHEDULE

GREEN Group:  (practice 2 times / week)

The Green group is the novice level swimmer, who must be able to  complete one pool length of each freestyle and backstroke without assistance. The focus of this group is to develop the swimmers freestyle and backstroke technique while introducing turns and racing starts.  Structured swim sets are introduced, as are the breast and butterfly strokes.  Swimmers are also introduced to the use of the pace clock.  Participation in competitive swim meets is encouraged.  Must prove to swim a legal stroke before allowed to compete at meet.           Mon & Weds: 3:15-4:15PM

WHITE Group:  (Practice 3 times / week)

The White group  must know how to swim three of the four strokes, have a basic understanding of how to use the pace clock and be comfortable in simple structured sets.  Emphasis is placed on fine tuning all four strokes, turns and starts, and implementing a more structured workout set. Participation in competitive swim meets is encouraged. 

Mon, Weds, Fri:  3:15-4:15PM (12 & Under)                    

Mon, Weds, Fri:  4:15-5:15PM (13 & Over)

GOLD Group:  (Practice 5 times / week)

The Gold group is the highest level WCCU offers. The primary focus of the Gold swimmer is to prepare for the more rigorous practices. Swimmers work on technique and efficiency, as well as swim more challenging workout sets.  This group is designed for the swimmer who  is focused on reaching their highest potential as an athlete and  thrives on a competitive spirit.

In addition to time spent on technique, the main focus of the group is an intensive training regimen.   Dry-land session is strongly advised – twice a week.  A minimum of 4 in-water practices per week is required. Competitive swim meet participation is expected/ required.               Monday—Friday: 4:15-5:15PM


Any questions please

call Coach Lori LaPointe

at 882-8230